PU Spiral Recoil Hose

punkt nr.: 7.5Meters/pc;15Meters/pc
Spiral Recoil Hose-PU Hose
Customized Length and Colors Available

Spiral Recoil Hose Customized Length and Colors Available

ㆍMultiple color, length and fitting options available
ㆍIndustry-standard sizing
ㆍReusable, field repairable compression fittings
ㆍSelf-retracting and self-storing coil tube characteristics with excellent memory.
ㆍHardness: Shore A95 or A98


◎ Our Advantages: 
Material: The formula of tube raw material is developed by USA and Japan Labs. Production line is from world top brand.
Production Control: We applied an antomatic diameter control system with auto-feedback function.
The systerm controls diameter tolerance within +/- 0.1mm, also eliminating all non-conforming products.
Testing: strict testing on diameter tolerance, oil pressure resistance, connect&disconnect lifetime, air pressure resistance…


Applicable Fluid Type Air, Water(No Drinking Water/Hot water)  
Working Pressure Range -14~150 PSI -0.99~10 bar
Negative Pressure -29.5 in Hg(-14PSI) -750mmHg(-750Torr)
Working Temperature Range 23~140℉ (Air) 32~104℉ (Water) -5~60℃ (Air) 0~40℃ (Water)
Connect With Push-to-connect fittings, barb-type and compression fittings